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The Sebir that created the Twitter Name


In 2006, an American software developer Noah Glass was trying to think of a name for an embryonic social network. One day, his vibrating phone prompted him to think of the impulses that cause a brain muscle to twitch. He briefly considered “Vibrate” as a potential name, but was attracted by the word ‘Twitch’ which he looked up in a dictionary along with the words adjacent to it


Come up with a great name for a new social website


Discovering a pristine website name with striking universal appeal is very difficult


A great social website name was obtained through starting with a potential word and modifying it to create a new, comparable word

The new market-appealing name 'Twitter' was created from the similar word 'Twitch''

Association Comment

Noah Glass 'associated' the ability of his phone vibrating with vibrating brain muscles that 'twitch' and using a dictionary, stalked the word "twitch" until he found a similar sounding word that had the ability to become a brilliant website name

Historic Impact

This pondering and exploration by Noah Glass led to the name 'Twitter' which is one of the most recognised and understood website names in the world