The Sebir That Bred Roll-On Deodorant

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Improve the applicability of underarm deodorant


Non-liquid underarm deodorant was not easy to apply


The applicability of underarm deodorant was transformed through adding a revolving ball to a deodorant dispenser The deodorant was then easily applied because the roll-on ball mechanism facilitated its dispersal under the arm

Breeding Comment

Generalizing from a specific observation or experience and then specializing from there to a specific application in a different setting is the secret behind idea breeding. Edward Gelsthorpe associated more broadly from the capability of a ballpoint pen to roll ink onto a surface and, in so doing, was able to breed a dispenser containing a ball that had the capability to roll deodorant onto human skin

See the Breeding Mountain

Historic Impact

Being alert to everyday human personal problems can be the trigger for an innovative solution. Due to the insight of Edward Gelsthorpe, the roll-on deodorant was born

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