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The Sebir That Bred The Telephone


Around 1875, an eminent scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator, Alexander Graham Bell was conducting research on sound and how to transmit it. As part of this work, he studied the workings of the human ear, noting that the eardrum vibrated in response to sound


Improve long-distance communication between people


At its normal volume, the sound of human speech did not carry very far


Distance communication between people was finally achieved through developing a telephone receiver that contained a vibrating metal diaphragm People could now communicate over a distance because the sound volume of their speech was amplified by the telephone receiver that acted as a human ear

Association Comment

Alexander Graham Bell associated more broadly from the capability of the human ear to vibrate to hear local sound and, in so doing, was able to breed a vibrating metal diaphragm that could hear remote human speech

Historic Impact

As a result of the endeavours of Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone was invented