The Sebir That Bred The Twitter Name

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Come up with a great name for a new social website


Formulating a pristine website name with striking universal appeal was extremely difficult


An excellent social website name was found through starting with a potential word and relentlessly pursuing its accomplices in a dictionary to create a new, comparable word The new market-appealing name 'Twitter' was created from a similar word 'Twitch'

Breeding Comment

Generalizing from a specific observation or experience and then specializing from there to a specific application in a different setting is the secret behind idea breeding. Noah Glass associated more broadly from the capability of his phone to vibrate and brain muscles to twitch and, using a dictionary, was able to breed from the word 'twitch' until he found a similar-sounding word that had the capability to become a brilliant website name

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Historic Impact

Being alert to an underlying need for a creative idea can be the trigger for an innovative solution. The pondering and exploration by Noah Glass led to the name 'Twitter', which is now one of the most recognized and understood website names in the world

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