The Sebir That Bred The Frozen Food Industry

In 1916, a young American scientist and inventor Clarence Birdseye went to Labrador, Canada as a fur trader. He noticed that the people preserved their food by keeping it frozen in snow for extended periods in the winter

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Improve the preservation of fresh food


Fresh food eventually began to deteriorate when it was kept at its normal ambient temperature


The preservation of fresh food was finally possible through building a storage container with freezing capability Because fresh food was kept cold, it was preserved for long periods

Breeding Comment

Drawing a broader parallel from a specific observation or experience and then visualizing a narrower application in a quite different setting is the secret behind idea breeding. Clarence Birdseye associated more broadly from the capability of snow to freeze and preserve food naturally and, in so doing, was able to breed a container ('freezer') that froze and preserved food artificially

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Historic Impact

Paying attention to everyday living problems can be the trigger for an innovative solution. When he returned to the USA, Clarence Birdseye started a business that led to the creation of the frozen food industry

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