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The Sebir that created Roll-On Deodorant


In the late 1940's, an American marketing executive Edward Gelsthorpe wanted to develop a new way of applying under-arm deodorant. He studied the newly invented ball-point pen that virtually 'rolled' ink onto paper


Improve the applicability of underarm deodorant


Non-liquid underarm deodorant is not easy to apply


The applicability of underarm deodorant was improved through adding a revolving ball to a dispenser

The deodorant is easily applied because the roll-on ball mechanism facilitates its use under the arm

Association Comment

Edward Gelsthorpe 'associated' the ability of a ball point pen to roll ink onto a surface and adapted it by adding a ball to a dispenser that had the ability to apply deodorant to a human surface

Historic Impact

Due to the insight of Edward Gelsthorpe, the roll-on deodorant was born