Turning Complaints Into A Business Booster

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Improve other income of a pub, tavern or club operator


Dubious complaints posted online are deterring potential customers


Other income is grown through openly acknowledging the complaints and putting them in perspective in a publicly appealing manner instead of remaining silent about them. For instance, after assessing that the scale of online complaints is negligible when compared with their usual level of patronage, an operator of a pub, tavern or club runs promotional communications or advertising such as: "Visit us and check out why less than 1% of our patrons don't like us!" More customers are won over because they are intrigued by the unusually candid and clever acknowledgement of dissatisfaction expressed by some people

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might, through being surprisingly transparent and frank, reverse the impact of any negative sentiment expressed towards your organization. This could transform your image in the eyes of potential customers

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might tap into the inclination of people to have their interest piqued by communications that are refreshingly honest, direct, and maybe a little cheeky. This could give your enterprise a boost in your chosen market