Resolving The Yield And Cost Problem By Dissolving The Problem

A paint products manufacturer innovatively solves the problem of cleaning solvents needing to be used and removed between production batches and thereby causing costly disruption through reformulating the product mix so that those cleaning solvents are absorbed into the next batch ... Check out below how to breed from this Sebir

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Increase productive output of a paint products manufacturer


Cleaning solvents are disrupting production, because they must be used and removed before each new batch of product is produced


The goal is achieved through re-formulating the product ingredients so that they not only produce the product, but also chemically absorb the residual cleaning solvents that then become an ingredient in the next batch. For instance, a paint manufacturer reformulates the paint ingredients so that the cleaning solvents are chemically absorbed in the next batch of paint Cleaning solvents now actually boost production and lower costs because, in blending with the product ingredients, they no longer have to be removed when each new batch of product is produced

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might assimilate or eliminate any problematic components or ingredients in your production process, with the aim of ensuring that it flows more smoothly

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might fully exploit the laws of chemistry, or perhaps physics, to optimize the composition of your products or services, and to increase the efficiency of your production process