Tapping A Personal Inconvenience To Grow Donations

A charity organization cleverly confronts the problem of reluctant donors to worthwhile causes by placing on airplanes its collection envelopes in which international travelers can dispose of currency of no use to them in their destination country ... Check out below how to breed from this Sebir

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Increase sales revenue from consumers of donations of a charity organization


Potential donors are reluctant to donate money when they do not necessarily see any benefit for themselves


The goal is achieved through arranging for the placement of donations' collection envelopes on intercountry airplanes. These are made available to international air travellers who are potentially journeying to a different currency zone Many of these travellers give away spare money that they have quite willingly, especially if they are are not able to use it in their destination country. In doing so, they actually rid themselves of a potential inconvenience

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might add a design aspect to your products or services that addresses a particular situational need people have

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might take advantage of the specific behavior of people in identified niche markets, where, say, simply the need to resolve some inconvenience is compatible with the use of your products or services