Following The Healthy Eating Trail To Healthy Revenues

A food, grocery or beverages' manufacturer literally transforms the problem of the perceived unhealthiness of its food products by initiating the inclusion of health-enhancing ingredients in them ... Check out below how to breed from this Sebir

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Increase market share of a food, grocery or beverages' manufacturer


Many customers believe that eating some food products increases their (bad) cholesterol levels


The goal is achieved through initiating the substitution of ingredients that literally lower cholesterol levels rather than increasing them - for instance, margarine containing cholesterol-lowering plant sterols Customers buy more of these products because they are naturally attracted to a food product that can reduce rather than raise their cholesterol levels when they consume it

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might replace a problematic ingredient or component in your products or services with something that literally has an opposite and beneficial impact

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might tap into the priority people place on their health when you promote the benefits of your products or services to them. This could increase your available market and the perceived quality of what you offer