Increasing Safety and Reducing Waste Though Eliminating Work

A cosmetics or beauty products' manufacturer inventively tackles the problem of injury-causing and wasteful packaging by utilizing one of the products involved to be the required wrapping ... Check out below how to breed from this Sebir

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Reduce pollution of a cosmetics or beauty products' manufacturer


Unbundling bulk packs of product for individual sale causes ergonomic injuries to people and generates waste


The goal is achieved through commissioning modified packaging whereby, whenever possible, say, nine units of product are wrapped in the tenth one, which then contains the others. Ideally, no other packaging is required and unpacking is as simple as undoing the tenth product People handle the products involved far more safely and efficiently, because they no longer have to wrestle with external packaging in order to prepare them for final sale

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might redesign the packaging of your products to reduce or eliminate altogether the need for a separate container or outer covering for them

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might eliminate time-consuming and troublesome steps from the routine work processes that people perform. This is a certain way of increasing their productivity and doing so sustainably