Empowered Employees Are Happier Employees

A petrol, gas or fuel manufacturer addresses the problem of its slow, unwieldy customer complaint handling affecting sales by empowering its customer-facing workforce to resolve issues instantaneously ... Check out below how to breed from this Sebir

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Reduce environmental impact of a petrol, gas or fuel manufacturer


Slow responses to complaints and inquiries frustrate customers and deter them from repeat buying


The goal is achieved through giving all employees who deal directly with customers the authority to settle an issue or complaint on the spot, up to a limit of, say, $500 per incident. Repeat buying by customers jumps when they experience what is often an immediate resolution of their issue. And because they take their greater responsibilities very seriously, their rulings tend to be more dispassionate and reliable than the previous hierarchical review and approval process

Breeding Hint 1

Think about how you might empower your staff to a much greater extent by making them responsible for decision-making that has traditionally been handled further up the chain of command. This should lead to happier employees and, through them, to happier customers

Breeding Hint 2

Think how you might dramatically enhance the outside world's perception of your customer service by making it unusually easy for those who have a grievance to have it resolved. Such streamlining of traditionally fraught processes will make your service stand out and boost recurrent revenues