How can Sebirs help my business?

Sebirs can help you in your business when you need innovative ideas (i.e. Sebirs) to:

  • Save Money.
  • Make Money.

Often, you cannot come up with such ideas easily for three main reasons:

  • You don't know where to find an innovative idea or how to develop one.
  • You do know that developing an innovative idea – usually by trial and error – is very time consuming.
  • You do know that an innovative idea (if you find one) will probably be costly.
"There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world; and that is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo 1802-1885, Poet, Novelist, Statesman

Sebirs can help you by providing:

  • A method whereby you can use your natural creativity to come up with innovative ideas (Sebirs).

And because you borrowed the essence of those innovative ideas from somewhere else, you can probably:

  • Create an innovative idea (a Sebir) relatively quickly.
  • Create an innovative idea (a Sebir) at minimal cost relative to the anticipated benefit.

How does the Sebir website work?

The Sebir website exists to enable you to create innovative ideas whereby you can save money and/or make money. It does this by guiding you through three main areas as follows:

How the Sebir website works

Here's some more detail about what you will encounter in each area:

Understand how Sebirs are created

  • Great Sebirs in History Page.
    This highlights how Sebirs have led to the creation of 10 famous products and services.
  • Sebir Demonstrator Pages.
    These identify a common thread in the way those Sebirs were created – the 'association' of two previously unrelated thoughts or experiences. By reviewing some of these Sebirs, it is possible to gain an intuitive understanding of how having such ideas 'by association' works.

Select a relevant Sebir

  • Sebir Selector Question Pages.
    By means of the Sebir Selector, where you specify the circumstances of your need for an effective innovative idea, you can 'select' Sebirs that are relevant to your particular need/circumstances.

'Associate' and Create Your Own Sebir

  • Individual 'Selected' Sebir Pages.
    You study your selected Sebir and utilising your recently gained intuition about how innovative ideas can be created by 'associating' from something that is similar, you try to adapt that Sebir to your circumstances. The two 'Hints' are provided with each Sebir may help your 'associating'. (You can select as many Sebirs as you like).