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The Sebir that created the Intermittent Windscreen Wiper


In 1962, an engineer and inventor Bob Kearns was driving in heavy rain and was struggling to see because of the limited action of his windscreen wipers which had only two settings. Faced with this problem, he began thinking about how the human eye blinks to clean itself when it needs to


Improve the effectiveness of removing rain from a windscreen


Wipers must be manually activated in response to rain


The effectiveness of removing rain from a windscreen was improved through sensitizing the operation of the windscreen wiper to rain

The rain on the windscreen is removed immediately because the windscreen wiper operates and ceases automatically in response to that rain

Association Comment

Bob Kearns 'associated' the ability of the human eye to self-clean by blinking and adapted it to create a wiper that automatically cleaned the windscreen in response to rain

Historic Impact

Bob Kearns' insight and subsequent endeavours led to the invention of the intermittent windscreen wiper